International Chinese Language Teacher Training

As a trusted member of International Chinese Language Teachers Association, we are the only organisation authorised to train Chinese language teachers and issue ICA certificate.



To master the teaching skills and theories that used in Chinese language teaching, and to provide students with opportunities to practice what they have learned. Ultimately, learners will be awarded the certificate of accreditation in teaching Chinese as a foreign language after passing the exam held in our institution.




Students who are learning Education and other relevant majors want to be a Chinese teacher after graduation


Chinese language teachers who want to make further progress


People who are working in other fields but are willing to be a Chinese language teacher

(3)Course Schedule

Field Course Hours Total hours
Basic Knowledge of modern Mandarin Phonetics 4 20
vocabulary 4
Grammar 8
Character 4
Teaching Methodology Reading 5 20
Writing 5
Listening 5
Speaking 5
Culture Chinese culture 8 10
Cross-culture communication 2



The program is designed on the basis of real teaching scenarios and cases, and the difficulties in practical teaching are also included.


Lessons are tailored on the basis of learners’ background and the level of Chinese language.


A flexible timetable. We have both weekend course and weekday course.

(5)授课老师 Lecturers


Our consultant and leading lecturer is Xuesong Wang, the vice Dean of College of Chinese Culture in Beijing Normal University and Chinese teaching expert. Other teachers are from Beijing Normal University, Beijing Language University, University of Sydney, University of Auckland and Massey University. They all at least have a Masters degree and considerable experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

(6)培训收获 Expected achievements


Learners could take part in the ICA exam in our institute after the training and will be awarded the certificate if passing the exam.


Gain Chinese language skills and expand your career.


(2) 凭借ICA证书,可获得本机构实习工作机会,优秀者有机会留校任教或获得推荐机会。

Graduates who are awarded the certificate will be provided with an opportunity to work in our institute or arecommondation.