Why Us

Excellent team and teachers

Our lessons are designed and prepared by a team. When you are in the class, you are actually experiencing the wisdom of whole team.
All of our courses are designed by a senior teacher who has been teaching Chinese in China and New Zealand over 20 years. She tailors the coursed on the basis of a variety of popular text books, and makes them suitable for learners in New Zealand.
In addition, GCE teachers speak standard Mandarin and fluent English. Some of them are even able to speak a third language fluently. They not only have rich experience in teaching Mandarin to speaker with different linguistic background, but also highly educated. They are Chinese native speakers trained in New Zealand, and have Masters Qualifications. As a team, our teachers meet regularly (teaching conference) for on-going training and discussion to make sure that all teachers use the most practical and effective Mandarin teaching methods and materials.