ØPaying in our office

      EFTPOF or cash

ØPaying by direct deposit

            Step 1

1.Log in to your internet banking service.
2.Go to your payments or transfers page and prepare to make a payment to GCE. You may also need to add GCE as a payee.
3.When prompted, enter GCE's payment details:

Enter our details in the following fields Enter these details (for $NZD only)
Bank account name or payee New Zealand Global Chinese Edu
Account number or payee account number 03-0296-0387821-000

            Step 2

On the payment details page enter your name and course code.
It’s best to copy and paste the code from our timetable, it’s easy to mistake a 0 for an O.

            Step 3

Enter the amount to pay in the amount field and complete payment. If you have multiple bookings you must make separate payments for each course.