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Every New Zealand education provider should have realised the significance of the Chinese market. China is New Zealand’s largest source country for international students and has shown steady growth in student numbers from 2010-2014. 30,179 Chinese international students studied at a New Zealand provider in 2014, which was a 3,253 student increase from 2013. And, 70% of all Chinese enrolments were in the Auckland region which was more than 20,000 Chinese students in Auckland. The number of the Chinese students in your school can really make a huge difference on your revenue.

School pool of China (updating)
北京市第八中学 中学
石家庄第12中学 中学
石家庄第18中学 中学
石家庄第81中学 中学
邢台市第七中学 中学
合肥市第一中学 中学
合肥市第六中学 中学
合肥市滨湖寿春中学 中学
漯河市第五高级中学 中学
漯河市郾城区第一实验中学 中学
烟台市双语实验中学 中学
烟台市莱阳第一中学 中学
蓬莱市大辛店中学 中学
长沙市外国语学校 中学
长沙市芙蓉区湘一芙蓉第一中学 中学
长沙市铁路第一中学 中学
长沙市明德华兴实验学校 中学
You want to see more Chinese students in your school? Or if you are interested in a certain school in China, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our network in China is strong enough to bridge you with every school.